1. Member will proceed the online booking process through Myhotelfinder.com by entering their credit card detail as the payment method.
  2. Payment will be charged to credit card as soon as the booking is confirmed
  3. Room Reservation and Cancellation Policy as per Hotel terms and condition
  4. Booking changes can be done by making a new reservation in myhotelfinder.com and cancel the previous booking. Cancellation can only be done in accordance with the Cancellation policy, terms and condition.
* Members will automatically receive rewards (commission) acquired from booking made by members and also from member downlines
* Total rewards: 2% from the total amount of rooms in the booking made my member. Member will also receive 1% from the total amount of rooms and booking made acquired from member downlines.
* Rewards (commission) will automatically be updated in member’s booking history 5 days after check out for online booking, upline booking as well as member downlines.
* Rewards (commission) will automatically be transferred to registered bank account monthly, on the 15th in accordance to the total rewards acquired by members as well as those acquired from member downlines.
Refund can be done in several conditions such as:
  • Any kind of double charge towards member’s credit card or any inconvenience regarding payment towards the credit card and the nominal of room bookings.
  • Members have booked a room and payment has been done using credit card but the room booked is not registered in the hotel system.
  • Any cancellation done by member with the condition “free cancellation” or cancellation during the time range assigned by the hotel.
Refund procedure
  • Member will state the booking number
  • Proof of transaction error or print screen or proof of no charge from supplier due to error system
  • Credit card owner should attach a cancellation letter or email copy billing statement from bank
  • All equirements for refund process should be sent to myhotelfinder.com customer service

Full refund due to system error or technical problem from myhotelfinder.com will be processed within1x24 hour. Full refund due to errors in reservation, cancellation or full refund based on member request will be processed within 14 days working day starting from the recognition of documents from myhotelfinder.com

Your privacy is very important to us.

We appreciate your trust for using myhotelfinder.com and therefore we commit to keep your privacy confidential. Member data will only be used for myhotelfinder.com.

Any misused of information will be resolved in accordance with law and regulations

What are the private information used by myhotelfinder.com

When you’re making a reservation, you have to fill in your name, home address, phone number, email, payment information, guest name and accommodation detail.

To simplify the process, it is recommended that you create an account. By having an account, your privacy and booking history will be saved and you can also easily make future reservation.

When you visit our website and not making a reservation, we might still collect your data such as your IP address, browser, operational system in your computer, server application, language and previous website.

If you use cellphone, we will collect data to identify your cellphone, settings, phone characteristic as well as location. We might also collect your data when you’re using social media.

We will send products information, promotion as well as travel service related to accommodation. We will also have promotions in our website, social media and mobile phone application

We will contact your cell phone to offer some promotion suitable for you.

Other correspondents: We will contact you through email, letter, phone as well as text messages.


We will reply and fulfill your request
We might send you offers regarding your reservation. That includes contacting myhotelfinder if necessary during the stay, booking history from www.myhotelfinder.com. As for fraud detection and prevention, we will use private data to detect and prevent fraud or any other illegal activity.

To improve our service:

We will use your data for analysis, improve our service, improve user’s experience and to improve the function and service quality of our online process.

How myhotelfinder.com will use social media?

We will use social media to promote our accommodation services, we will also promote, improve and facilitate our own service. We own several social media account to share information and also to connect to our website.

How myhotelfinder.com will share data with third parties?

In certain circumstances, we will share your private data to a third party.
To complete your booking, some information such as your name, contact info, payment details, guest names and any other data when you create the booking will be sent to the accommodation chosen/booked.

Local company in myhotelfinder.com:

To assist reservation process and staying period, some of your personal data might be sent to local companies.
For further information about the local companies, please visit our website myhotelfinder.com.
Third party service: We might have the third party to process your information. For instance, we might send data to the third party(accommodation) under our company name based on your reservation. We will also work together with the third party to process your payment.

How myhotelfinder will use cellphone?

We have free application for different mobiles and website usage that can be used for mobile. This application and website will process information regarding your data and reservation.
We allow you to access myhotelfinder.com using your social media. Each social media will inform you about how to use and process your data.

How to pay your hotel booking to myhotelfinder?

All payments must be paid through Credit Card in myhotelfinder.com or PT. Rajakamar Indonesia BCA Account: 261 282 0008