Your privacy is very important for us. We appreciate your trust with us and we are committed to protect your all data information that given to us. This documents which we update continuously would describe how we use and process your privacy information. This Document would also show you how you can contact us if you have a question about your data information.


What privacy information used by
When you make a reservation, you have to fill name, address, phone, email, payment information, name of guest going with you, and your accommodation details.

To make booking process easier, you can create an account. Having an account, you can save your personal setting, history booking, or manage your next booking.

When you visit our website, even you are not booking, probably we would collect your personal data such as IP address, browser, your operating computer system, application server, language select, and your previous sites.

If you used mobile phone, we have to collect to identify your mobile phone, setting and characteristic of your mobile phone, also your location information.

Probably we also need to collect your information when you are using some social media.

Why collect, use, and share your personal data?

Reservation : The important one, we are using your personal data to fulfill and register your online reservation, then continuously forward your detail reservation into your selected accommodation.

Customer Service : Our customer service open at 08.00am – 17.00pm. Your personal data will assist our customer service team for giving help that you need.

Guest Review : We will contact you after your staying from your contact detail and invite you to write your accommodation review. This can help other guest to choose the best accommodation for them.

Account Administration : We offer a user account facility on our website. We use the information you give us to administer this, allowing you to manage your bookings, take advantage of special offers, make future reservations more easily and manage your personal settings. Managing personal settings allows you to keep and share lists, share photos, see accommodation that you have searched for before, and see other information you have provided about accommodation and destinations.

Marketing activities : We will use your personal information for marketing strategy like below examples :
- We will send you our promotion or information about product or travel services related to the accommodation.
- We will also show our promotion in website, social media, mobile apps to be more interesting and attractive.
- If we have some offering that suitable from you, we will contact you by phone directly.

Other Correspondences : Sometimes we will contact you by email, letter, phone, or SMS, based on contact you shared with us. There is some reasons for this :
- We have to respond and fulfill your request.
- We may send you some offering related to your reservation, like how to contact if you need us during your stay, or your history booking from

Market Survey : Sometimes we have to ask you to follow our market survey and all survey is based on your agreement.

Fraud detection and prevention: We may use personal data for the detection and prevention of fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities.

Improving our services: Finally, we use personal data for analytical purposes, to improve our services, to enhance the user experience, and to improve the functionality and quality of our online travel services.


We are using social media to promote our partner accommodation, also promote, increase, and facilitate our own service. We have accounts in some social media for sharing any information and connect to our website.


In some situation, we may share your personal data into third party.

- Your accommodation booked : To complete your reservation, we have to transfer your detail reservation to your accommodation booked. Some of this information include your name, contact information, your payment details, name of guest and all preferences when you booked the accommodation.

- Other local companies in : To give help during your reservation process and staying period, some of your personal data may share to our local companies. To get more information about our local companies, please visit about

- Third Party Services : We may use third party to process your personal information. For example, we have to send your data to third party accommodation under our name based on your booking. We may also cooperate with payment third party to process your payment.


We have free apps for a variety of mobile devices and use versions of our regular website that have been optimized for mobile. These apps and mobile websites process the personal details you give us in much the same way as our website does.


After stay in your booked accommodation, you are invited to write hotel or destination review. This information is necessary to create a unique user experience either in the app itself or on our websites. It facilitates such things as personalizing our website to suit your needs, connecting you with your friends on travel destinations and analyzing and enhancing our travel-related services.
We may also enable you to sign in to services with your social media accounts. Your social media provider will be able to tell you more about how they use and process your data in such cases.